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DSP Creations is active in various aspects of the field of Digital Signal Processing ("DSP"). We deliver training courses to technical professionals and undertake design consultancy in task areas where DSP features prominently, such as in communication systems, audio processing, sensor/instrumentation systems, and biomedical engineering.

We have for many years been enthusiastic members of the DSP engineering community, participating in international conferences focusing on a variety of application fields and providing solutions tailored to our customer's needs. We selectively publish our work in the DSP literature, "cherry-picking" topics that interest us most, paricularly in sectors like digital filter design theory and algorithms, digital communications, sampling theory, modulation schemes, waveform diversity, statistical signal processing, and radar.

Our DSP software tools provide the underpinning of all our professional activities, so we seriously use the tools we build and are always seeking to make these products more powerful, comprehensive, and usable. We find DSP perpetually exciting and want our tools to be reliably supportive (yet maximally unobtrusive) to Users engaged in learning aspects of DSP, as well as those Users dedicated to advancing the technical frontiers of this unfailingly intellectually appealing and challenging arena of modern engineering.

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