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Sketch-a-Filt Price and Licenses

Price Only $ 89

Website Price and Usage Information
  • The version of Sketch-a-Filt offered for purchase on this website provides you with a Personal License for its usage. (Professional Licenses and Classroom Licenses are available for companies and institutions under alternative arrangements; contact us on for further non-Personal usage information)

  • This perpetual Personal License is targeted on support of study of Digital Signal Processing by individuals, and its modest one-off price reflects the absence of maintenance or any other post-purchase customer support.

  • Typical customers operating under Personal Licenses are students of technology subjects and engineering practitioners and mathematicians evaluating the product or engaged in individual study for their own professional development. Commercial activity, paid research, and classroom teaching/demonstration activities employing Sketch-a-Filt by Personal License holders are not permitted.

  • The purchase price (permitting installation and operation on all computers under your personal control, for your own private usage) of an individual Personal License copy of Sketch-a-Filt is only US $89.

  • Sketch-a-Filt has absolute software dependency on the following products offered by The MathWorks Inc.(see MATLAB® (version 7.5, [that is , Release R2007b] up though version 9.10 [that is, Release R2021a] ) and Signal Processing Toolbox™

  • Your download copy of Sketch-a-Filt will be configured to operate specifically (and exclusively) with the MATLAB License Number that you provide to us.