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About Slifer


Slifer, operating in combination with DSP Creations' Sketch-A-Filt companion product, furnishes the ultimate intuitive pathway to rapid design of non-traditional, demanding FIR target filters.

Slifer Features at a Glance
    Real FIR filters
  • Linear-phase, Minimum-phase and Maximum-phase
  • Windowing, on top of Frequency-Sampling design, to reduce gain ripples
  • Nonlinear-phase (including fractional-sample delay)
  • Offset windowing for high quality filters incorporating fractional delay
  • Precise measurement of filter quality for quantified comparison of design tradeoffs
    Complex FIR filters
  • Provides a much-needed capability for modern baseband equivalent modelling and processing
  • Set minimum-phase, maximum-phase and linear-phase conditions for complex-coefficient filters, at a button-press!
  • Invoke non-symmetric windows for improved complex filters exhibiting fractional delay
  • Choose either of the two popular variants of raised-cosine window definitions to reproduce conflicting coefficient sets advocated by different DSP practitioners
  • Obtain arbitrary phase conditions for complex filters
    Any FIR filters
  • Large repertoire of "standard" target filters for launching designs
  • Design to arbitrary target gain and phase profiles
  • Unique pushbutton "profile calculator" allows rapid "drag-and-drop" construction of exotic filter target characteristics
  • Least-Square and Equiripple design augment primary emphasis on Frequency Sampling
  • Impose bandlimiting and/or modulation on any design
  • Precision shaping of transition bands for improved error control
  • Manipulate individual coefficients, zeros in the Pole/Zero Pattern, or frequency samples, seeing, feeling - and understanding - their complicated interplay
  • Handy viewing of error and its components, group delay, phase delay, linear and dB gain, including 3-d complex plot views
  • Pushbutton compensation of D/A hold and other degradations
  • Quick transfer function-oriented creation of matched, inverse and Wiener filters
  • Zoom into characteristics for closer visual inspection
  • Quantize filter coefficients ON THE FLY, hand crafting while any one of 4 finite wordlength strategies is being imposed
  • View and listen to effects of the designed filter on a selected .wav file
  • Illustrate general signal operations' effects on spectra
  • Unsurpassed filter specification "pull-in" capability making use of a mix of hand-crafting options
    Links to Other Tools
  • Export to MATLAB's FDATool and SPTool
  • Tight link to MATLAB and its complementary design capabilities
  • Import FIR filters obtained elsewhere and improve them
  • Export designs to file system
  • Export and embody designs in detailed Simulink blocks
    Easy Startup
  • Design your first Slifer-aided filter within seconds!
  • Built-in Help file provides a detailed tour of user controls and their impact on designs
  • An extensive in-tool Compendium of Design Examples, for guiding usage of Slifer features and benchmarking to results reported in DSP literature
  • Listen to audio-band filtering effects
  • Excellent environment for DSP learners and seasoned practitioners alike
    System Requirements
  • Any version of MATLAB® (version 7.5 [that is, Release R2007b] up though version 9.10 [that is, Release R2021a]), along with a corresponding version of the Signal Processing Toolbox™ (available from The MathWorks Inc.)
  • Computing platforms: See roadmap of all corresponding MATLAB platforms.
Currently Slifer Is Not Available For Standalone Purchase
  • All three of our software products are incorporated into the software package supporting the Training Courses described under "Services" on this website.
  • To arrange an on-site course please contact Dr. Gerald D Cain, Email: