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  • Upon typing speedster in the MATLAB Command Line, the DSP_Speedster splashpanel comes up, offering you 20 compartments (or block libraries) where the various blocks comprising this product are located

  • The library functionality themes are color-coded and grouped in rough clusters:

  • To begin with, you should make for the Demos, simply clicking on either the square icon for the "(separated)" or "(by category)" variant and selecting topics of interest inside

  • After you gain experience of a range of the demo models available, you should examine the internal structure of some of the blocks and try making small wiring modifications to those demos you like best

  • Finally you can build your own models from scratch – perhaps moving next to the "Express Lane" library as a source for many of the blocks you require. Soon you will be confidently moving between all 20 libraries when gathering the rich assortment of blocks you will find it handy to exploit

Currently DSP_Speedster Is Not Available For Standalone Purchase
  • All three of our software products are incorporated into the software package supporting the Training Courses described under "Services" on this website.
  • To arrange an on-site course please contact Dr. Gerald D Cain, Email: