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More Details for Sketch-A-Filt
  • Upon typing sketchafilt in the MATLAB Command Line, the Sketch-a-Filt GUI comes up, forming the primary design platform for the FIR and/or IIR design work

  • This GUI has two exhibits: a long impulse response display and, below that, the larger frequency-domain display, showing the (red) target profile WHICH HAS BEEN MOUSE-DRAWN defining a desired multiband complex-coefficient gain profile - and (in purple) one 33-coefficient FIR approximation.

  • Also (in magenta) is shown a 11th-order IIR curve approximating the red profile. Further highlights are the control parameter clusters and 2 (of 6 available at "top-level") selected checkboxes for the design techniques currently in force:
  • You may radically and immediately change the design target and its two approximations simply by mouse-drawing some change to the red target profile

  • Pole-zero patterns for the two (or more, if desired) and other filter credentials can be depicted in a separate dedicated visualization figure window by invoking "See All Filters" under the "Tools" menu item near the top of the GUI

  • Many more design techniques can be unleashed by selecting from a host of "second-level" techniques (incorporating algorithms you develop yourself, alongside three dozen-plus "factory-supplied" specialist routines) lodged under the UserDef feature of this tool

  • Thus it is easy to compare a broad range of design styles, exploiting a powerful standardized test and measurement environment

Currently Sketch-a-Filt Is Not Available For Standalone Purchase
  • All three of our software products are incorporated into the software package supporting the Training Courses described under "Services" on this website.
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