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More Details for Slifer
  • Upon typing Slifer in the MATLAB Command Line, the Slifer GUI comes up, forming the primary design platform for the FIR design work

  • This GUI is visually dominated by a long impulse response stem display; below it is the largest display, showing a (red) target profile and (in yellow) the current gain curve attempting to comply with that desired profile. Further plots and parameter editbox are arrayed down the right side of the GUI:
  • You may immediately click on any one of impulse response stems, moving it vertically to see (in the gain window) the change a single coefficient disturbance has on an FIR filter

  • Alternatively, you can click on any one of the frequency-domain specification circles and move it vertically to see the effect of a Frequency-Sampling gain change (and, by choosing more movement freedom under the "Setup" menu item near the top of the GUI, you can move such a frequency-domain specification circle arbitrarily, seeing gain effects far surpassing those attainable with the traditional Frequency-Sampling technique)

  • Direct manipulation of the Z-plane zeros describing the filter is also easy, just by clicking and dragging in the Pole-Zero Pattern plot located in the GUI's lower-right corner

  • This multiplicity of quick click-and drag manipulations provides the essence of the flexibility that Slifer affords in hand-crafting FIR filters that "can be intuitively shaped" to meet the severest gain curve requirements

  • Of course the coarse-grain shaping movement capabilities are accompanied by many other precision numerical control features which achieve fine-grain changes of coefficient values or gain specification constraints that allow painstaking refinement of FIR designs

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